Instantly answer customer dietary requests and increase revenue with Honeycomb.

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I think this app is game-changing. My partner has a gluten intolerance; this app allows us to know exactly what restaurants we can go to. We no longer have to show up at the restaurant and hope for the best. (iOS)
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Over 30% of people looking at your menu have dietary questions.
When was the last time you had a day go by without a customer asking about one of your menu item's ingredient or allergen content? How about if an item is vegan or low-carb? We don't have to tell you the reality of the marketplace, you already know.
How it works
1. We identify your menu ingredients and allergens.

Then, you verify it.
It's simple: review our outputs and indicate what is correct/incorrect.
2. Add our Magic Diet Filter to your website.
Customers enter their dietary preferences and easily find the most suitable dishes for them to eat, right from your website.
3. Track what your customers care about.
Use our Dietary Analytics to track the most popular dietary and allergen selections made by your customers.
Verifying your dietary information helps you
Instantly answer customer questions
Increase online and takeout orders
Show customers you care
5 reasons why dietary information is the next gold rush for your restaurant.

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What our clients are saying
"We get less calls for dietary inquiry and more calls for ordering and catering."
"Honeycomb has helped us increase revenue by leveraging the increase of dietary demand in the market. Honeycomb is accessible 24/7, which puts our mind at rest that our mission to give healthy, multi-diet food is always transparent for both local and international customers. If customers ask questions in-store, referring them to the app is always a failsafe way to make verified consistent food recommendations. Honeycomb, thus has streamlined restaurant operations to focus on food services efficiently managing our inquiries for us. For these reasons, along with the incredibly personable and professional staff we feel very fortunate Honeycomb has been a support to our business until the present day. We have opened other locations and each time, we feel secure that Honeycomb's amazing features will be there for our customers." - Eliza, Caveman Cafe
Tractor Foods
Quick-service, health consciouS
Tractor Everyday Healthy Foods uses Honeycomb as a digital, interactive allergen-guide directly on their website for both desktop and mobile visitors. Before Honeycomb, Tractor used a paper guide and could only answer questions regarding dietary needs by phone, email, or in-person. We created a custom "Filter Menu by Diet" button to suit the aesthetic of their website.
• Live example
Virtuous Pie
Quick-service, PLANT-BASED, VEGAN
As a plant-based, fully vegan restaurant, Virtuous Pie is a beacon for all sorts of dietary needs and requests. Modifications and dietary inquiries happen frequently on a daily basis. Honeycomb acts as their central allergen and dietary information & recommendation guide for their customers. This helps facilitate decision making and ultimately frees up restaurant staff from redundancies and confusion.
• Live example
Sopra Sotto
Fine dining, authentic italian
Sopra Sotto is an authentic Italian casual dining restaurant that doesn't shy away from innovation through dietary alternatives. After joining Honeycomb, they immediately saw demand for adding a plant-based cheese for their pizzas - now, their Vegan Margherita is one of their most popular dishes.
• Live example
how you solve the problem
We have a paper "allergen guide".
Paper is great - writing things down is a great first step! But just like any physical format, it's not scalable. Digitizing your menu (which you already do) and dietary information allow for more people to get the information they need whether they're on their computer or phone. Not to mention, you can't make automated recommendations on a paper menu.
Our staff are trained to answer questions.
Your staff are probably quite well trained - we get it. But does every prospective customer who wants to visit your restaurant have the opportunity to speak with your staff? These days, your website is part of your staff, and they're answering most of the questions before anyone walks through your doors. Honeycomb answers any dietary questions with precision, directly from your website. Honeycomb complements the work you do on-site by extending your dietary accommodation to your digital platform.
Our customers already know what they want.
Your repeat customers?  Yes, agreed. Your new customers? They don't have a clue. Honeycomb is designed as a perfect first impression to show new customers you care A TON about their dietary needs and have options to accommodate them.
Customers can call or email us if they have any questions.
They can, and they will. But would you want every customer to call you to ask directions, or would you prefer if they used Google Maps? Your time should be spent on high value tasks, not redundant questions that can be answered with a snippet of our code.
Customers can ask about the menu when they get here.
They certainly will - but you're assuming everyone wants to take a chance and visit your restaurant without knowing the dietary implications of eating there. Honeycomb is about transparency, and if you accommodate dietary needs, there's no reason why you shouldn't be transparent about your food and processes online.
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