Automated, diet and allergen friendly menus for everyone.

Honeycomb filters menus to show diners the most suitable dishes for their dietary restriction

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Automate dietary requests and showcase crucial information to customers.
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Explore suitable dishes for your diet or allergy at restaurants in your city.
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Help create a ubiquitous solution for dietary needs, powered by our novel AI.
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Order food with any diet or allergy

Honeycomb App

Dietary Ultra-Personalization

Combine any of the major 29 allergens and 9 diets to create your own diet, and get recommendations based on it.

Location Based Food

Wherever you are, we'll find you suitable food. Search for restaurants around you, or in a different city with our easy to navigate map.

Key Restaurant Information

Get key restaurant information, such as allergy friendliness and gluten-free food prep right at your phone.

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Suitable Dish Explorer

Honeycomb Webapp

Combine Diets and Allergens

Personalize your restaurant search to your dietary restrictions with over a dozen diet and allergy options.

View Suitable Dishes

See all the dishes you can eat at each restaurant. With thousands of restaurants and a full range of cuisines, you're sure to find something new to eat.

Connect, Order, Eat

Get the food you want by connecting to the restaurant, ordering services or directions.

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Dietary Menu Management

Honeycomb For Restaurants

Allergy & Nutritional Information

Attract more customers by making your dietary information accessible to interested customers.

Personalized Menus

Customers enter their dietary preferences and easily find the most suitable dishes for them to eat.

Dietary Analytics

Get to know your customers better by tracking the most popular dietary and allergen selections.

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Who We Are


Frustation To Inspiration

Our founder struggled to eat out after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. He knew there was a way to help restaurants and customers solve this problem through technology.


Inclusive Foodies

Our combined experiences as Plant-Based, Dairy-Free, Vegan and FODMAP foodies are used to create inclusive solutions. We invite users to collaborate with us on improvements.


Starting a Movement

Honeycomb is uniting all those with dietary restrictions, and making this cause known to restaurants. We are here to make reliable dietary information available to all.

How It Works

Reading Menus

Our prediction technology identifies key allergens and ingredients present in dishes on restaurant menus, and from there determines which diets each dish is likely to be suitable for. We consistently research new diets and allergens to support based on customer feedback - we strive to help everyone, no matter your dietary preferences.

Restaurant Verification

Chefs and restaurant operators verify their menu items and add top level restaurant information on allergy practises and dietary policies. As Honeycomb grows, more restaurants will have verified dietary information.

"Honeycomb has streamlined restaurant operations, efficiently managing our dietary inquiries for us, so we focus on food services. We feel secure that Honeycomb's amazing features will be there for our customers."

Eliza, Caveman Cafe.
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